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Your Style & Feel

After your unique idea, your imagination or your concepts to work on, with Fenris we will create high quality presentations for you.

Album artworks for musicians. Banners for films and theater. Film magazines & look-books for talents and models. Digital media covers and separators. Lyrics video designs. Book designs. Picture developing and editing. Discs menus, business cards...

You name it, we do it for you.

Ask for video editing and other services.

Services Plus


Developing and editing.

Single shots, bulk editing, custom LUTs...

Video Editing

Music video assembly, lyrics video, post-production, beauty & conceptual.

Movimiento borroso
Music Production

Making the hard work for you: mixing, wrapping up and getting your track ready to release.

PR Services

Clueless about what's next?

Let us help you to bring your music worldwide and create an artist identity in the new era for music and art.

*Divisions under developing
If you need more info about these services, ask for Services Plus in the form below and specify your request.
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Get in Touch

Contact with Fenris to explore together what's on your mind and to create something uniquely awesome.

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Flawless. We'll back to you asap! Have fun in the meantime ;)

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